Cory & Nina – 11th September 2018

romantic wedding in amalfi

A romantic destination wedding in Amalfi!

It was a warm afternoon before the end of summer. The sky was clear blue, the sea was calm and a gentle breeze blew, making the atmosphere so pleasant.

Cory and Nina, a really nice couple from Texas, had decided to visit the Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi Coast on board a sailboat with a small group of friends from the USA.

As they looked at photographs and images of the Amalfi Coast, they became more enchanted by the area. It was then that they decided to have a destination wedding and chose the ancient Maritime Republic to celebrate it …  beautiful Amalfi!

When Cory contacted me in August, from the USA, he asked me to arrange a very intimate ceremony in a beautiful spot with sea views, where he could declare his love for his sweet Nina in front of 22 guests. The wedding was an on the spur decision, barely one month before their arrival in Italy!

They had been travelling for a week before finally coming to Amalfi …when they got here, they couldn’t  believe their eyes. The reality was far more beautiful than the images they had admired at home. I still remember the astonishment and the emotion on their faces when I first met them at the wonderful NH Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi.

This venue is absolutely stunning! A 5-star-hotel is perched on a cliff that offers  breathtaking views to its visitors.

Cory and Nina’s ceremony took place in the beautiful Norman-Arab Cloister, dating back to the 13th century and kept all guests open-mouthed with surprise at the stunning  beauty of the location!

Italy is famous worldwide for its artistic and historic heritage and at the NH Grand Hotel Convento di Amalfi you can really breathe a magical atmosphere, that takes you back to the past …in fact, the hotel was originally a Capuchin Convent, which has preserved an ancient Catholic Church and a beautiful Cloister, that overlooks Amalfi and the sea.

After the ceremony, Cory, Nina and their guests completed the celebration with a rich buffet served in the sheltered part of the historic Cloister. Everyone said the food was excellent and the atmosphere informal and familiar.

As Cory said after the wedding “We now have a lifetime of beautiful memories of our wedding in Amalfi!”