Rehearsal Dinner

Some tips to kick off your wedding weekend on the Amalfi Coast!

The more your special day approaches the more your anxiety grows. You have probably been planning your dream wedding on the Amalfi Coast for months and now that you have got less than 24 hours before tying the knot, you feel anxious because you want everything to be perfect.
Only one thing can help you relax and get to your wedding day stress-free: a really fun party… a Rehearsal Dinner!
Whether you opt for a formal sit-down dinner or an informal party the night before your wedding,  this is a sure way to kick off your wedding weekend and gives you a lot of benefits!

Greet all your guests in a more informal setting!

Take the opportunity  to spend some time with people you have not seen in a while, enjoying the relaxed and more comfortable atmosphere.

Give everyone a taste of what they can expect for the rest of the weekend!

… and before everyone heads home for the night, make sure to give them a quick refresher on the next day’s schedule, double-check that everyone knows exactly where to go the next day, pick-up times and places for transportation to and from the ceremony.

Distribute gifts to your wedding party!

It is a way of thanking your family and friends for their support, love and guidance and this is the perfect moment to do it especially if you want to avoid doing it on your wedding day!

It loosens up guests who are meeting for the first time!

It encourages people who do not know one another to mix and mingle, but above all it gives both of your families the chance to have some time together before the wedding day.

Cut down on mic time during your reception!

Limit who is going to make a speech during the reception by scheduling some of the toasts during the rehearsal dinner and think about making a short speech yourselves too before the evening ends.
So what’s better than a big relaxing party after rehearsing your “going down the aisle”, so that you are sure that everything will run as smoothly as you wish?