Flowers have been considered “messengers of the heart” since the early 19th century, when The Language of Flowers in the Victorian era created a romantic language for lovers’ correspondence, in which flowers replaced words… each bloom held an endless symbolic meaning.

Bridal Bouquet - Wedding Planner on the Amalfi Coast

Add a special touch to your wedding, by using the special language of flowers that most reveal your personality and feelings.
Simply choose the style of the decor, a main theme and a color palette… our talented flower designers and expert florists will create the wedding you have always dreamed of.

Fairy tale Amalfi Coast Weddings will take care of every single detail, from personal flowers, such as bouquets, buttonholes, corsages to unique decorations for the ceremony and the reception, such as centerpieces and table decors.
Let yourself be enchanted by the special world of flowers…