Amalfi Coast Wedding Ceremonies

How can a foreigner get married in Italy? Anyone can get married on the Amalfi Coast in a variety of ways: you can plan a religious or a civil wedding ceremony, We also arrange symbolic weddings or vow renewals. What to expect and how to personalise it? We're on it!

Destination Wedding Ceremonies

The Ceremony is the very heart of a wedding, with its rituals that symbolize the beginning of a life together…
The first step is to choose the kind of ceremony that best suits your needs, whether religious, civil or symbolic. Whatever type of celebration you choose, bear in mind that it reflects your personality and tastes, therefore it can be a mixture of tradition and creativity, that comes together to create a unique tailor-made event!
Wedding in Amalfi Coast, civil ceremony

Civil Ceremony

Civil ceremony ideas. We can assist you with any appropriate paperwork and help you select the most beautiful venue.

Wedding in Ravello, catholic ceremony

Catholic Ceremony

Church wedding venues inspirations. A special guide to a memorable catholic wedding in Southern Italy

Wedding in Positano, protestant ceremony

Protestant Ceremony

A Protestant wedding ceremony is also a dreamy choice. What are the requirements? Discover them!

Wedding in Amalfi, symbolic ceremony

Symbolic Ceremony

Who can officiate and how to organize a symbolic wedding? We have all the info!

Vows renewal, Amalfi Coast

Vow Renewal

The Amalfi Coast is one of the most idyllic destinations in the world. Reaffirm your wedding vows in RavelloPositano or Amalfi!

Passionate wedding planning and coordination service, locally based in the heart of the Amalfi Coast.

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