Ceremony is the very heart of a wedding, with its old rituals that symbolize the beginning of a life together… The first step is to choose the kind of ceremony that best suits your needs, whether religious, civil or symbolic. Whatever type of celebration you choose, bear in mind that it reflects your personality and tastes, therefore it can be a mixture of tradition and creativity, that come together to create a UNIQUE tailor-made event!

  • Catholic Ceremony

    catholic wedding amalfi

    The Amalfi Coast offers a wide selection of charming catholic churches located in breathtaking positions, from intimate chapels to imposing Cathedrals, which have historic and artistic Italian heritage.

  • Protestant Ceremony

    Protestant Ceremonies can be held in private venues, outdoors or indoors, such as enchanting villas, stunning terraces overlooking the sea, romantic gardens, medieval towers and in some beautiful Catholic churches that allow the Protestant rite.

  • Symbolic Ceremony

    Symbolic ceremonies are not legally binding, therefore couples do not need to provide the legal documentation required for a religious or civil marriage.

  • Vows Renewal

    The vows renewal ceremony is suitable for couples who are already married and simply desire to renew their promise of love to each other.