Rita & Saad – 29th June 2019

An intimate and rustic wedding on the Amalfi Coast

An intimate and rustic wedding on the Amalfi Coast

How challenging it has been planning Rita and Saad’s wedding and how rewarding it has been realizing that the final result exceeded everyone’s expectations!

Rita and Saad are a young Lebanese couple who live in Paris and spent their holiday on the Amalfi Coast last summer.
They totally fell in love with Furore, a small remote village on the hill, quite far away from the most renowned and touristic itineraries that attract travelers all year round, though very panoramic and peaceful.
I was in fact quite surprised and at the beginning a bit worried when I heard that they wanted to get married exactly in Furore, despite the fact that there are no popular wedding venues there.

They were dreaming about a Catholic Ceremony at the end of June followed by an intimate and rustic reception, surrounded only by the love of their respective families from Lebanon.
Since the beginning, I put all my efforts and engagement to try to help them to realize exactly what they wished, in spite of the difficulties … and so it was that last October I started this new adventure!
We began to search for a private villa, where the bridal couple would stay for one week and which had a panoramic terrace large enough to host a reception for about 40 / 50 people … a simple welcome cocktail, followed by an informal meal and some music to dance till late in the night.

After a month of research and hard work, I realized that no private villa was feasible for them and suitable for their requests, especially because none of them had an indoor space big enough to host the reception for all those people in case of rain or bad weather conditions … plan B is always one of the priority for a wedding planner !!!
We finally bumped into a very beautiful venue, that looked immediately perfect for what we were looking for … the Agriturismo Sant’Alfonso!
It was love at first sight! We could not have asked for a better place, because it represented all we needed … a peaceful restaurant surrounded by nature, breathtaking views over the Amalfi Coast, excellent homemade food and unbelievable … an intimate private Chapel, that belongs to this local family, where to celebrate the Catholic rite!

Rita & Saad’s wedding took place on the 29th June in a sunny afternoon refreshed by a gentle breeze.
They had a moving Maronite Ceremony celebrated in Arabic with lots of songs played by a DJ, outdoors in the patio in front of the Chapel, where we arranged white wooden benches for guests, wicker stools for the newlyweds and lots of white rose petals spread on the grass along the aisle where the beautiful Rita walked towards her beloved.

The Ceremony was followed by a Welcome Cocktail in the same panoramic patio near the Chapel and by the Cake Cutting, that Rita and Saad preferred to do before the dinner to enjoy the sunset lights.
Delicious dinner followed in a spacious panoramic garden situated behind the Chapel, where we arranged an imperial table with a long rustic runner of violet lisianthus, white callas, lots of greenery and cylinder candles … loads of tea lights hanging from the Pergola above the garden lighted this special night creating a very romantic atmosphere!

The DJ music in Arabic and English accompanied also the dinner and animated the after-dinner party, that was extremely enjoyable and lively! Everyone had a lot of fun all night long!

I will always remember and keep a sweet memory of this passionate couple who gave me the chance to know a bit more the lively Arabic culture!