Carolyn & Joshua – 5th October 2019

A touching catholic wedding in Positano

Carolyn and Joshua, a sparkling young couple from the USA, got married in Positano last 5th October.
With a bit of luck, the weather in October can be very mild and sunny and in fact they had the chance to enjoy a wonderful, bright, sunny day!
Carolyn and I worked together on her wedding throughout the summer in a very pleasant and stress-free way, because she trusted my experience and knowledge of the Amalfi Coast from the very start.
Carolyn and Joshua did not go in for anything too refined and posh, but rather simple and very intimate to share just with their respective families… a party of 17 people.
They celebrated a catholic ceremony in the beautiful majestic Church of Santa Maria Assunta in Positano, located in the heart of the village, by the main beach.

After the mass, they went around Positano with the photographer for a few pictures and then moved to the panoramic hotel Pupetto on the beach of Fornillo.

Newlyweds greeted their guests on the panoramic Belvedere Terrace of the hotel, where everybody enjoyed a welcome cocktail and some local music, beautifully played by a guitarist and a singer who went on playing all night long.
After the first dance and the cake cutting, everyone moved to the outdoor restaurant of the hotel for a delicious fish based dinner.
A scented long runner of colorful seasonal flowers was placed on the imperial table, where newlyweds sat with their guests.

Everyone was so over the moon about Carolyn and Joshua’s wedding, because, although destination weddings on the Amalfi Coast have such a big appeal for foreigners, they can be very intimate and touching.
It is a way of discovering a new culture, new rituals, culinary traditions, local folklore and above all sharing a fantastic overseas holiday all together!