Laura & Paul – 6th june 2019

An intimate Vows Renewal Ceremony in Positano

Laura, Paul, their two children Juliana and Christopher, romantic Positano in the background, the shimmering sea of the Amalfi Coast and a beautiful venue… what better way to celebrate 25 years of mutual love?

When Laura contacted me from the USA about one month ago and asked me for some help to arrange an intimate Vows Renewal Ceremony as a surprise for her husband, I felt that there was something special and very deep between her and Paul that deserved to be celebrated once again after so many years.

They have been together since their first date in 1990… almost 30 years and 25 years married.
Their trip to Italy in June was planned for the family to celebrate their son’s graduation from college and since both of their families are from Naples, they decided to visit also the beautiful Amalfi Coast for a week.

Laura thought that this family trip could also be a special occasion to  surprise her husband by re-exchanging their vows of love and blessing their children.
I helped them to organize a simple but romantic Vows Renewal Ceremony in a stunning venue on the beach of Positano, the Rada Restaurant.

The Cupido Terrace of the Rada seemed to me the ideal place for them… a small and intimate terrace on a cliff edge, a passionate Celebrant who read the same poem that had been read at their wedding 25 years ago, the delicate background sound of a violin and the colorful scented flowers of the restaurant all around… ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

They had some photos and video of the Ceremony, a quick Aperitif and then a dinner at the restaurant below that overlooks Positano.
After that unique night, Laura said that ‘Paul and their two children were truly surprised and loved the special moment that had been created’… so we can say that the surprise worked perfectly!
We really wish Laura and Paul many continued years of happiness and love!