Natalia & Patricio – 4th August 2019

A dreamy symbolic ceremony in Positano

A dreamy symbolic ceremony in Positano

I cannot find  words to express how deep the feeling between Natalia and Patricio was,  when I first met them. The way they looked at each other and the intensity of the vows they exchanged went perfectly with the romantic landscape around them!

Natalia and Patricio are a gorgeous Argentinian couple, who had been travelling across Europe for 6 months when they contacted me and asked me for a little help  in arranging their wedding.

Since Natalia’s family is originally from Italy, they decided to get legally married in Natalia’s father’s home town and straight after have a very intimate ceremony, just the two of them, on the Amalfi Coast.

They chose  enchanting Positano, because Natalia was totally in love with the photos she had seen of it. After helping them with paperwork, I concentrated on organizing their simple but dreamy symbolic wedding on the panoramic terrace of a family run hotel on the beach of Fornillo, the Hotel Pupetto.

It was a hot afternoon in August.
The sweet sound of a violin was playing the Canone in RE of Pachelbel while Natalia and Patricio, both dressed in white, walked hand in hand on the hotel Belvedere Terrace towards the celebrant.
When they started to declare their mutual love and exchange their vows with such an emotion, it seemed as if no one else was there, just the shimmering sea and the bright sun.

As Natalia and Patricio said after the ceremony ‘The wedding you organized for us in Positano was a dream come true …’
Nowadays, lots of couples decide to ‘elope’ on the Amalfi Coast, because they are looking for magic… they are looking for a dream … the Amalfi Coast, without doubt, has both  together!!!